Why Gasification is Cleaner than Incineration



- Operates with excess air in the main reactor (approximately 120% of the air needed for complete combustion).

- Generates more particulate, NOx, and VOC, because of less precise  temperature control and more mass flow through the main reactor.

- Equipment is larger and more expensive because of increased mass flow


- Ash is generally special or hazardous waste because it contains up to 30% carbon and is leachable. 




- Operates with less air (approximately 30% of that required for complete combustion) with much lower gas flow  through main reactor.

- Less particulate is generated.  Particulate which is formed is mostly removed  by a cyclone prior to combustion of  the clean fuel gas, generating less PM, NOx, CO2 , VOC s, and no Ozone.

- Gasification systems are smaller and less expensive.

-  Because of our patented tandem reactor design,  ash residue is  a clean, inert , non-leachable  product.