Waste Water and Leachate Treatment

The EnviroPower Water Team key personnel have water treatment project experience ranging from designing and building complete stand alone plants for water bottling, municipal drinking water and power plants to providing  key subsystems as portions of projects others specified and/or upgrades for operating plants

EPR has  “waste to energy” projects in various stages of development. These projects require water for a variety of plant functions including:

   ·         Boiler Feed Water make-up,

·         Facility Sanitation,

·         Water Cooling Tower make-up, and

·         Gasification/Combustion control


Meeting these tough criteria requires that all of the water, including the cooling tower water be RO membrane filtered as the ground water making up the major of the make-up water for the plant is high in TDS (>1,500 mg/L). These standards also requires all of the combined wastewater and leachate be treated prior to combining with the ground water and storm water collected to provide the total treated water used within the plant.