Sustainability is of paramount importance at EPR. In fact, one could fairly say that sustainability is one of our major products.

Final disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) using EPR air fed gasification results in less greenhouse gas emission equivalent per kWh of energy generated than any other alternative waste to energy conversion of MSW, including landfill.


A major reason for this is that anaerobic digestion of organic waste in landfills produces methane gas, which is more than 20 times as effective as CO2 in trapping heat in the atmosphere. Landfill gas can be as much as 60% methane. Even if landfill gas capture is used, a great deal of methane still escapes from landfills along with other volatile chemicals, including mercaptans, which are among the compounds that cause the objectionable odors associated with landfill operations. Gasification waste to energy is an environmentally friendly means of generating reliable, sustainable, renewable power. Gasification allows MSW to be a resource that can offset the use of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity. And unlike wind or solar, power from gasification of MSW is available 24/7/365.