Public Private Partnerships


Public Private Partnerships are emerging as an important means of helping the the pubic sector, including many soveriegn nations and the US Military, to achieve their objectives in the areas of energy security and environmental sustainability.


The US Army, for example,  will need approximately $7.1 billion over the next 10 years to meet its stated goals and federal mandates for installation level alternative and renewable energy projects. Competing for the limited funds available from Congress will be other projects, many of which will have higher priority. Given this situation, the US Army recognizes that if it is to be successful with large scale renewable energy projects, innovative private financing will eventually become a necessity.


To safe guard both the investment community and the public sector,  large scale renewable energy projects must meet strict criteria in terms of economic viability, appropriate and proven technology, and environmental responsibility. Ideally such projects would be capable of producing renewable energy at a cost competitive with conventional non-renewable sources.  Simply stated, this means the sale of energy back to the installation must be business smart for both the investor and the government with both benefiting.     


EnviroPower Renewable has experience in both private debt and equity financing of renewable energy projects. We stand ready to discuss the design, engineering, construction, financing and operation of renewable energy projects involving recovery, of solid waste and generation of heat, fuel gas, and electrical power by gasification of renewable solid waste.