Fluidized Bed Systems (10MW to 200MW)

EPR Updraft Fulidized Bed Gasifiers  are designed to meet the needs of municipalities or governmental entities.  

Scalable units for processing greater than approximately 1,200 TPD of waste.

·         Systems have a 30-year design service.

·         A 48 MW system will provide enough power for more than 30,000 U.S. households.

·         Depending on available feedstocks, a 48MW system requires approximately 1,400 tons per day of raw waste approximately 1,200 tons of which is fed to the gasifier as RDF.

·         Design stack emission of heavy metals, dioxins, furans, are more than 3 orders of magnitude below standards.  Particulate matter is extremely low as well.

·         EnviroPower will work with local regulatory agencies to obtain proper facility permitting.

·         Hazardous wastes and oversized materials will be removed from the waste stream during a pre-sorting phase at the sorting facility.

·         Studies by the US DOE (2002), US EPA (1996) and Almeda Power & Telecom concluded that conventional Air Fed, Gasification Systems provided the most cost-effective and clean form of waste to energy systems.

The illustration immedialtely below shows a concentional air fed gasification plant of the same basic design as used by EPR that has been in commercial operation since 1995. 


The illustration  below shows an isometric view of an EPR 16 MW tandem reactor gasification line with a reformer and flue gas recycle. Depending on the fuel, the 48 MWe system can be comprised of three 16 MWe lines or two 24 MWe lines, each with its own steam turbine for maximum redundency and reliability. This system design is based on EPR's patented and patent pending tandem reactor and flue gas recycle technology.