Key Contractors and Partners



EnviroPower Renewable partners with other companies and contractors in the thermal conversion, electrical power generation, and environmental and waste management sectors to provide end-to-end solutions for the waste management and waste to energy requirements of our clients.

Cadence Infrastructure is a Virginia-based company founded in 2010 to finance, develop, own and aggregate middle-market renewable energy and core infrastructure assets.  Cadence executives have experience as top level managers in public utility power companies and thus their projects include energy, fuel sourcing, communications and social infrastructure.  The Cadence competitive advantage resides with its strong operational and asset management capabilities.


Amec Foster Wheeler, one of the largest and most reputable engineering construction companies in the planet, with 36,000 employees, operations in 55 countries, and extensive experience in the design and construction of energy plants using all fuel types, has formally engaged with EPR to complete the detailed engineering of the facility in Las Vegas, NW.  Upon conducting a detailed review of the EPR technology,  AFW has appointed a world-class group of engineers to actively collaborate with EPR scientists and engineers, in preparing for project financing and construction.

Sundt Construction, Inc. has power plant experience that includes constructing and installing major systems on a broad range of coal fired in power plants gas fired power plants ethanol production facilities concentrated solar generating facilities and biomass generating facilities. 

Founded in 1890, Sundt is one of the country’s most innovative and respected general contractors, performing work in the Transportation, Industrial and Building markets. The 100 percent employee-owned company is consistently ranked among the 100 largest general contractors in the United States.


PRM Energy Systems is the premier designer and manufacturer of commercial air fed fluidized bed gasification systems. PRME gasification systems have been in commercial operation at more than 20 sites around the world, some for more than 30 years. PRM systems have gasified more biomass than systems made by all other gasifier manufacturers combined.

Helix Electric is an established industry leader having expanded into the most important markets in the United States. Helix offers a comprehensive breadth of services including design-build, construction and engineering in the design and installation of quality  electrical systems in diverse industries.


HiTemp Technology Corporation (HTT) designs and manufactures custom high temperature fume incinerators, oxidizer systems, catalysts, enclosed flares, rotary kilns, moving earth scrubber systems for methane gas control and eco friendly industrial implementations.  HTT has more than 25 years experience with the design, manufacture and installation of combustion, incineration, heat recovery and process heating systems.