Process Description

Advanced air fed tandem reactor gasification systems, such as the one illustrated below developed by EPR, enable the rapid and near complete conversion of carbonaceous materials to synthesis gas (syngas).

Provided that the overall mixed feed is relatively dry approximately, 20% moisture or less, and has a calorific value of 6,500 Btu/lb or more, the process generates approximately 15MW for every 420 TPD of capacity. Higher moisture feedstocks (up up to approximately 50% moisture can be dried prior to introduction into the gasifier.

Overall, the process is comprised of the following steps:

·                     Sorting of solid waste

·                     Processing of solid waste into Refuse Derived Material (RDF)

·                     Gasification of the processed RDF

·                     Generation of electricity using fuel gas to produce steam for turbine generators

·                     Treatment and clean-up of flue gas from the boiler


Shown below is a color coded depiction of the process flow in a typical EPR waste to energy gasification line. Major process streams are identified by number in the table at the lower left.